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My 2020 Vision – What’s Yours?

Over the past few years, I have chosen 1-3 words to guide me along the path I want to take.  Last year was Joy – which to be honest, felt a bit flat – like I was playing a part, superficial…never fully integrating into my body and my heart.  The year before it was Courage and the one before that was Nourish – both felt so aligned for those years and allowed me to grow and show up in new and exciting ways.

That’s what I wanted for this year so I thought and journaled and took a workshop and came up with 3 words that feel so perfect for where I am and where I want to be at the end of 2020.

🌟 Shine – Be seen, be heard, give my ideas and my opinions a voice.  Use my light to help others (how? I have no idea yet!) and be the woman that fixes the crowns of others rather than diminish and cause pain.  Have confidence and do the scary things.

🔮 Intuition – I want to really connect with who I am and with the Universe, the source of all power.  I want to be the goddess that I know I can be.  I want to connect to my ancestors – especially my maternal Grandma who I think has been my guardian angel my whole life (she died the year before I was born).  I want to get quiet and listen to the answers that I know are already inside of me.

🖊 Create – Make stuff…for fun! Not worry so much about the business side, not worry about the marketing stuff as much.  Yes, yes…I will still be professional when need be with my writing and I will still be doing my newsletter and promotions BUT I want to do things MY WAY…have more fun connecting with others online, not worry about followers – have conversations.  Make messes in the kitchen, create with my kid more, basically do things that feel good.

Your turn!  What word (or words) are you using this year to guide you and help you win in 2020? Comment below and let me know!!  Let’s make this year amazing – together. 😊

Have a great day,