Book a 1:1 Coaching Package with me so you can type The End!

How many novels are you going to scrap because you get stuck in that messy, murky middle?

I see you…

👉 Thinking your current book project sucks – so much so that you have avoided writing in days (or maybe months)

👉 Frustrated with your characters and yourself because you don’t seem to understand them as well as you thought you did

👉 Bored with your current story – but that new shiny idea looks amazing, right?

👉 Ready to chuck the whole thing into the trash….again

When you sit down to write, or head to the kitchen to do the dishes to avoid the writing, you dream of seeing that novel with your name on it landing in your reader’s hands. In reality you have two (or more!!) unfinished novels sitting on your computer’s hard drive and, honestly, you are ready to chuck this current book in that digital trash pile today too!! 

🛑 Stop! 🛑

Before you hit delete, or move that whole file into the digital trash can, hear me out.

Yes, the muddy middle is hard but it’s not impossible to navigate, I promise you – you just need a guide, someone to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As writers we live in a fantastical world of words, but sometimes our imaginations are cruel to us – tell us that our stories are no good, point out all the flaws in our characters, and make us think that if we just start over – with a new idea/plot/character – that everything will be better.  

“Well, I haven’t screwed that idea up yet,” you say. 

True, but what if I could help you, right here and right now, un-screw up what’s in front of you.  What if I could help you fall back in love with your story, your plot, and your characters? Help you rediscover your Big Why and help you go from where you are right now in your story – Point A – to the ending of your dreams – Point B?

That negative voice, that fearful voice that’s telling you all these horrible things, is lying to you. 

81% of people say they want to write a book, but only 3% ever type THE END.

Let’s get you to that 3%!!

Writing a first draft is hard…I know from experience, as I have been stuck in that muddy middle before too. I struggled to get out of the muck, spun my wheels, stopped writing for six months, but an unlikely tool finally helped me start writing again.

What’s my secret? Tarot cards.

I know, it seems odd but when I was at my lowest with my manuscript, my character not talking to me, nothing sounded right and I started to hate sitting down at my desk, Tarot saved me.

Tarot came to me in a strange way as I was taking a Goal Setting workshop that invited me to use Tarot for the first time ever.  I downloaded a Tarot card app on my phone to do the exercise and I had fun so I kept opening the app and I got a prompt to ask a question.  So I asked the deck – “Why is my Main Character giving me problems?” And the deck answered. Turns out I wasn’t addressing the right things with my story, my main character wanted more about her parents and less about the boyfriend at that moment. 

It was like a tap opened up and I started writing again.  I opened that app every day that week and finished 10 chapters like it was nothing!  Tarot had unlocked answers that I couldn’t see. And it helped me finish my novel.

If you are ready to become that 3% of writers that type THE END then allow me to introduce…

A 1:1 coaching package for writers who want to stop getting stuck in the messy middle of their novels and finally finish a manuscript

You'll Come Away With

✅ The confidence and renewed excitement that you need to continue moving forward with your novel and actually finish it.

✅ You will get crystal clear on the challenges, roadblocks, and issues specific to you and your project so you can create ways around them

✅ You will walk away with a workable plan to solve any plot holes, outline deviations, misbehaving characters, and inconsistencies so you can get your novel back on track so you can finish, all with a smile on your face!

✅ You will receive one-on-one support from a writing coach who has been in the messy, muddy middle before to help you navigate the new questions and uncertainties as you implement your plan and move forward so you don’t stay stuck

What You Get

💚 Four 1:1 Coaching Calls complete with Tarot Readings ($500 value) so you get individualized help and guidance from someone that knows what you are going through.

💚 Customized workable plan to fix your outline & get your characters back on track ($300 value)

💚 Tarot spreads, worksheets, exercises & activities to get YOU unstuck and making major moves through the muddy middle so you can finish your novel ($500 value)

Over $1300 in value, yours for only $247

I truly enjoyed my reading with Jennifer; her insights helped me focus on my artwork and dream bigger. I was surprised at how collaborative the process was and felt great after digging into topics with her. I look forward to my next one.
Valerie S.

How It Works

🌻 Click the button below to set up your first call today.  Don’t worry, I’ll send you everything you need so we are both prepared for the big day.

🌻 During our session, we will do a mini audit to see where you are, what’s holding you back, and how to best move forward.

🌻 In the follow-up sessions, we will dive deeper into the plot, your outline, your ending, and the relationship with your characters.  I will pull Tarot cards as needed, help you get back on track and headed toward your ending.  We will sit down with your characters to get to know them better and let them help you.

🌻 We will wrap up on our final session but you aren’t leaving empty handed – you will receive all recordings, notes, worksheets, homework, and anything else we come up with in a private Google folder that you can access at any time to help you stay on track and guide you toward a more fun writing process so you can finish your novel!

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Jennifer Gregson, a certified Tarot reader and Young Adult author who helps writers get past blocks so they can start enjoying the writing process and actually finish their novels. I use Tarot cards to help fuel my own search for answers to the inevitable questions that arise as I write, edit, and self-publish my novels and I’ve taken my proven strategies to help other writers do the same. When I’m not writing or working with clients I’m chilling at home with my family, drinking coffee, and dreaming of my next Disney vacation.


I can help you organize your writing project, get started with a brand new project, or help you finish a project.  We can customize the 4-session package if you’re stuck during editing or revision, this process can still work really well and we can create what you need during this part of the writing process. I can even help if you’re stuck while writing a nonfiction book or memoir. Again, I can customize the package so we can talk about research, planning, dealing with facts and data, and how to end the project so you can still type The End.

Yes, as long as you are ready to move forward with the project.  I will ask that you revisit, or re-read, what you’ve written already so you are prepared to talk about the plot, characters, and your writing process.

No, I can’t guarantee that you will finish, but I can help motivate you so you do – but you will need to put in the work – actually sit in the chair and physically write the words.  We might even discover that this isn’t the book for you at this time, and in that case we can pivot. 

If that happens, then we can pivot, and I can help coach you through starting a new project.  One you feel excited about and we can get your outline and characters in order before you start writing.  We can then use any remaining sessions helping you trouble-shoot any issues that are coming up during the writing or as motivation to keep you going!

You don’t necessarily need to “believe” in Tarot, but to work with me I do ask that you be open minded. I think of Tarot as these conduits of creativity – they help me connect with you, the writer and client, with your work/novel/book project, and my own intuition to help guide us to answers, ideas, and things to think about.  If you would rather not work with Tarot yourself, that’s totally cool – I will give you journaling prompts and other exercises that don’t involve using the cards. I’m flexible!

Yes, I have a six-month private coaching plan that might be perfect for you.  It includes weekly Voxer access where you can get your questions answered quickly, monthly zoom sessions where I will help you map out your goals and plans and, of course, made for you Tarot spreads. We can talk about this package after your four 1:1 calls.

You can – I offer 1-hour sessions HERE but the package is a much better deal financially.

A 1:1 coaching package for writers who want to stop getting stuck in the messy middle of their novels and finally finish a manuscript

97% of people who never type The End on their novels try to fix all their issues on their own, get frustrated with themselves and their books, spin their wheels for weeks or months or years and finally give up and quit.  

I don’t want you to do that.  

I want to help you…

    ✅ discover your perfect ending

    ✅  uncover what your characters are hiding from you

    ✅ get unstuck 

    ✅ back on track to actually writing

    ✅ enjoying the process

    ✅ so you can get to The End!!


Don’t let this novel sit half-finished on your hard drive any longer.  Click below and move from muddy middle to marvelous finished manuscript today.