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Month: August 2013

Quick Fix: The Man of My Dreams

THE MAN OF MY DREAMS By: Jennifer Gregson Dear Diary, Killing someone is harder than it looks. I should have used a gun. My old bow and arrow worked, but it was messy. See, a few years ago, an old witch cursed me. She cackled when she did it too. She claimed my dreams would come true, and I naively thought that was a good thing. Dad’s new girlfriend moved in yesterday. I dreamt about…

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Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

I finished the first book of Game of Thrones (still haven’t seen any of the HBO series….sorry) and was looking through my To-Read list on Goodreads and realized I have more books that I want to read than time to read them. In between running around after a very mobile toddler, writing, exercising, eating, sleeping, and spending some time with friends and family there’s not much left over for reading. I know how important reading…

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Quick Fix: Because You Loved Me

BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME By:  Jennifer Gregson “I should have dumped your ink a long time ago,” Sylvia said as she tried to open the fountain pen. “You can’t, I won’t let you.” The pen wrestled out of her hand and started scribbling something on the nearby pad of paper. Sylvia stood, stunned that the pen could somehow write on it’s own. “But…how?” “I’m more powerful, because you loved me.” She watched as the pen’s…

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