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Month: September 2018

Under Pressure

Stress…every adult has felt it at some point or another.  Some thrive on it, or claim to thrive on it, and others find ways to deal with it when it rears its ugly head.  Some hide away from it, ignore it, freak out about it, or deal the best they can and then burn-out. I had a crazy, chaotic day yesterday and I thought I handled things better than I have in the past.  Not…

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We Are Not Taught How To Feel Our Feelings

Last week I talked about being happy, and how we aren’t really taught this growing up – for better or for worse.  This week I want to touch on something else most of us weren’t taught – how to feel our feelings. Again, this isn’t a judgment thing – our ancestors were too busy struggling to find food and raise children the best they could with what they had, but if we stop and think…

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We Are Not Taught How To Be Happy

The writing mastermind I’m a part of online has been discussing various aspects of our personal and business journeys in relation to End of Year Goals – as the final 100 days of 2018 approaches. In one of the discussions, we started talking about Joy and Doing Things that Make You Happy and a lot of us had a hard time coming up with lists of things that make us happy and activities that bring…

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