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A Few Of My Favorite Things…When I Write

It is now firmly into 2020, almost the middle of January and you know what that means? It’s time to get some writing done!

As I gear up to start revisions again I thought you might like to see a list of the things I need to start writing.

☕️ Coffee – mmmm, coffee

📕 My beat-up project notebook (see image – this thing has been in numerous bags and flung all over my desk/office area)

🖊 Various blue pens – my pen color of choice for most things (like I’m lowkey upset that the emoji is a black pen)

☕️ Coffee – ok, I’m all set up, I’ll grab a 2nd cup

🎼 Music, I actually created a playlist specifically for this revision/draft to help get me into the mind of not one but two teenage girls

💻 Scrivener and GoogleDocs – I did a lot of my outlining and pre-writing for this draft over in GDocs so I could share with my Editor/Writing Coach but now I need to get those notes back into Scrivener where I do most of my actual writing

☕️ Coffee – can never have too much!

Are you a writer or creator of some kind, tell me in the comments below what you need to start working on your projects?