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Bad Poetry (or The Joys of Being Stuck)

I’ve been feeling stuck, creatively. Uninspired, the writing hasn’t been flowing, everything seems wrong. I’m judging things I write or have written, I have no energy, the passion is gone. Even my Photo-a-Day project has felt stagnant lately. I’m just stuck. I posted on twitter and asked fellow writers what they do, and only got one response – he said to talk a walk, get out with other people and get away from the screens.…


I’ll Show You Mine….

Clean first draft, before the pens took over. So, it has occurred to me that I haven’t actually told you guys what my novel is about. Bad writer! Without further ado, my novel in a sentence: A young art protege, thrown into early fame, yearns for a normal life with her immature parents, only to discover a shocking secret about her birth. The Art of Lying (working title) is a Young Adult coming of age…

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Block Revision Has Begun

Well, I’ve started. Block Revision, that is. This is a process – a major process, a very long major process – that involves going scene by scene and fixing things. Finally writing on the actual manuscript using all the worksheets and index cards from the past few months. The process: You start with your new outline (the bright colorful index cards) and go from your new #1 scene (in my case that was my old…

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Worksheets, Index Cards, and Timelines…oh my!

I’ve been busy, as little man has napped really well lately, and I’m nearing the end of filling out worksheets and playing around with my outline cards. I’m getting ready to actually start cutting, rewriting, revising, and reworking my manuscript. I’ll be using those worksheets I spent weeks painstakingly filling out, I’ll be using the outline cards (a lot actually), and I’ll be grateful that I did all that work ahead of time – but…

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My First Draft Sucks! Now What?

Now what?  Well, I eat chocolate.  Of course, I do that on most days so nothing really helpful there… No, no….come back.  I have a solution.  It’s this magical thing called REVISION.  Ooohhh, see how it sparkles?!?!  OK, it doesn’t sparkle, but it is magical.  It can turn your shitty first draft into something wonderful – at least, it can with a lot of hard work. Luckily, I found a course (and a teacher) that’s…

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Hello Again, Internet!

Good Morning, Internet!  Sorry, was that too loud?  I’ll try to use my indoor voice from now on.  (Also, it’s afternoon – I should really look at a clock now and then.) See, I bought this domain name a few years ago while I was working on my solo cabaret show.  It had promo pics of me, the postcard for my show “The Facts of Life”, and I kept a blog about the whole process. …

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