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Category: Fiction

Quick Fix: The Man of My Dreams

THE MAN OF MY DREAMS By: Jennifer Gregson Dear Diary, Killing someone is harder than it looks. I should have used a gun. My old bow and arrow worked, but it was messy. See, a few years ago, an old witch cursed me. She cackled when she did it too. She claimed my dreams would come true, and I naively thought that was a good thing. Dad’s new girlfriend moved in yesterday. I dreamt about…

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Quick Fix: Because You Loved Me

BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME By:  Jennifer Gregson “I should have dumped your ink a long time ago,” Sylvia said as she tried to open the fountain pen. “You can’t, I won’t let you.” The pen wrestled out of her hand and started scribbling something on the nearby pad of paper. Sylvia stood, stunned that the pen could somehow write on it’s own. “But…how?” “I’m more powerful, because you loved me.” She watched as the pen’s…

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Quick Fix: Just Gone

JUST GONE By: Jennifer Gregson “Landing procedure beginning.” The mechanical voice echoed through the empty ship. I glanced out the window and saw the dark red planet growing bigger by the minute. I shut my eyes and swallowed hard. Please don’t crash, I said out loud to no one. The past few years had taken it’s toll. I felt old. Too old to just be seventeen. The trip started fine. One happy family on their…

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Quick Fix: Loser

LOSER By:  Jennifer Gregson “You are a loser.” Roger stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. His head hurt. The party had been loud, but the music couldn’t drown out Mindy. Everyone saw her dump him. Everyone saw her leave with the captain of the football team. Everyone would be talking about it on Monday at school. Roger turned on the shower and stepped under the hot water. “I’m not the loser,” he thought.…

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Quick Fix: Nothing Better Than a Good Story

NOTHING BETTER THAN A GOOD STORY By: Jennifer Gregson Lola turned the street corner, her heart racing. “Yes!” she yelled, dropping to her knees. She wiped her hands on her blue and white Monroe High School cheerleader sweater. “I found it, I finally found it.” Practice that morning had started as usual, but then she heard the laughing. And the pointing – how could she forget the pointing. It’s hard to keep secrets in high…

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