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Adulting Is Hard – Meal Planning: Do People Actually Do This?

For today in Adulting is Hard I thought I would write about Meal Planning.  Now, I love (LOVE) paper planners (yes, I know everyone and their Mom carries a smartphone nowadays) but I seriously love planning my week and daily to-do’s in a colorful paper planner – bonus points if I get to use stickers and colorful pens/markers/highlighters – but Meal Planning…I just don’t get it. Do people really figure out their breakfasts, lunches, and…


Adulting is hard…how do you make friends as an adult?

Next up on the Adulting is Hard playlist – making friends as an adult.  Now, I want to start this piece by saying I have some amazing friends – people I’ve known since grade school, amazing women from college – but none of them live where I live – they are all back home in MO.  I have a really close friend here in NYC that I met doing acting classes at HB Studios when…

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Adulting is Hard: What do I do with my hair?!?

I thought I would kick off my “Adulting is Hard” series with my #1 issue – I have no clue what to do with my hair!  Like, seriously, how do women (and I guess men?) learn how to do their hair?  Do they have Moms that teach them? Do they all just watch YouTube videos? Or are they just magic? I adore my Mother, she’s amazing and taught me many, many lessons…but doing hair was…

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Do You Feel Your Age?

Funny story…I don’t feel like an adult half the time.  I mean – I have a day job, I pay bills, I have a kid! But most days I still feel about 25 years old (which, okay, some of you might say, 25 – that’s still an adult) but when I was 25 I was moving to New York City, auditioning for Broadway and Off-Broadway (and let’s be honest Off-Off-Broadway) shows, taking acting and singing…

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Consistent Inconsistency

I have a bad habit of inconsistency.  I start projects or goals with so much gusto, so much energy but usually, I fall off in a matter of weeks. I’m very consistent in my inconsistency too as I’ve had this bad habit for years (decades really).   Here are a few examples: I started meditating daily a few months ago.  I was doing great, hitting streaks in my meditation app and feeling calm, centered, and…

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The Process of Learning as an Adult

I’m learning how to play the guitar!  My brother gifted me one of his old guitars – a Fender Squier Acousto-Electric – with a lesson book and DVD, some new picks (red, of course), and a really nice soft-sided case. The first day back home with my new instrument, I held it in my hands and strummed some with both my fingers and the pick.  Tim, my brother, had tuned it for me so it…