Is This Our New Normal?

I’ve been quiet. I’ve retreated into old favorite TV shows, cuddles with my kid and Skype dates with my Mom. I’ve hidden away because I wasn’t sure what to say.

How should I deal with the new normal? How should I react to the fact that our Disney vacation (the one I’ve been planning for a year, and looking forward to for at least 2) is now canceled? How should I handle the fact that my son and husband and both home and we are dealing with online school? Can I be stressed out and grateful? Can I still be entertaining while also being a little scared?

Is it okay to be funny? Is it okay to tell stories? What is my role now? How do I reach the people that need to be reached? What does that even mean?

So, instead, I did nothing. I sat with these questions hoping an answer would magically appear, but instead I was just left with more questions. And I figure that’s how most of the country and the world is right now and you know what? That’s okay!

My big reason for telling coming of age stories is to share with young adults (and anyone that loves a good YA story) that they are not alone. That other people have embarrassing things happen, issues with their parents, problems at school, fights with their friends, first loves and dreams for the future.  Right now, almost the whole world is going through the same thing – fear, worry, and hope. Dreams for the future and aspirations for what comes next.

Will I say the right thing? Who knows. Will this message make someone feel better? I hope so.  It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to not know. It’s all okay. It’s okay to have a million projects going, or flop on the couch with a cup of coffee and the TV remote.  It’s really all okay.

I’m here to tell you that even us adults have no idea what we’re doing most days and even more so right now while we try to figure out day jobs, goals, kids, spouses, parents, shopping, and surviving while also laughing at an old comedy, or the joke your 8-year-old tells, or something funny your Mom says on Skype.  It’s okay.

If you are feeling lonely and scared, reach out.  Comment below and just say HEY…let me know what’s going on in your tiny corner of the world.  Are you staying in? Reading more? Watching that favorite TV show for the 10th time? This week it was Psych for me because Shawn and Gus always make me laugh! I would love to hear your story and hopefully, soon I’ll find the words to share mine again.

Stay safe,