Hello Again, Internet!

Good Morning, Internet!  Sorry, was that too loud?  I’ll try to use my indoor voice from now on.  (Also, it’s afternoon – I should really look at a clock now and then.)
See, I bought this domain name a few years ago while I was working on my solo cabaret show.  It had promo pics of me, the postcard for my show “The Facts of Life”, and I kept a blog about the whole process.  Since then it’s sat idle while my life has completely changed.
I’m now a Stay-at-home Mom with a 20 month old son.  I’m revising my coming of age Young Adult novel currently titled The Art of Lying (this might change).  We moved out of Manhattan and into Queens, and I haven’t taken a music or singing class since I was 5 months pregnant – although I still sing around the apartment, much to the amusement of my Little Man.
I’m hoping this revamped blog can be a record as I work through the revision process and into the submission process, a place to showcase my short stories – in a segment I like to call Quick Fix, and somewhere I can talk about music, television, movies, books, kids, family, travel, Disney, chocolate – you know, the other stuff in my life.

Come along, if you dare, on a crazy adventure with me for although my life and to-do list are jam packed my muddled (but organized) mind has many things to share.

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