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I Could Have Been Jennifer Lawrence

I want this blog to a friendship of sorts between you, my sweet readers, and me, the crazy writer. One of the first questions I tend to ask a new friend is: Who was your first celebrity crush?  It’s an amazing conversation starter. So…I’ll tell you mine, but only if you promise to tell me yours in the comments, deal? Deal!
I was a child of the 80’s and a teenager of the 90s – the decades of bad hair and odd fashion choices – and my first celebrity crush was on Joey Lawrence. Whoa! 
It all started with Gimme a Break when he was only 8 years old and it grew stronger during Blossom when he released an album. Oh, yes, he was multitalented. Actor, Singer, Dancer…he had the whole package. (Wink wink). I had pictures of him on my bulletin board and all over my school binders. To be fair and honest, he shared those places with Scott Bakula, Jeremy Miller (from Growing Pains), and a very young Jason Bateman…but Joey was the first and longest crush. 
In fact, I was still watching him on my TV when Melisa and Joey was on ABC Family, but that got canceled not too long ago. I also still listen to his CDs and sing along loudly every time (I dare you to watch that clip above…it’s his biggest hit!). I remember dancing around my bedroom or dorm room (yup, still loved him when I went away to college) using a hair brush as a microphone. I’ve been there through long hair, no hair, fake (?) hair – who cares!   Have you seen how tight his jeans are?
Especially on Brotherly Love….and no, you don’t remember the show because it lasted all of two seasons I think and was preempted every week for football…or at least it seemed like it at the time. Anyways, this show was on for a hot second and had all three Lawrence brothers – Joey, Matthew, and little Andy (sooooo stinking cute!)  No one remembers this show except me and my Mom, who dutifully watched it with me every week. Thanks lady!
Oh…and I even met them. Well, Joey twice and the other two brothers once. These are embarrassing stories I’m about to share…so pull the chair up closer and get ready. I stood in line at the ripe age of 16 with my sister, actually – she dropped me off and went across the street to a computer store – to get Joey’s autograph when he was doing a Kmart tour across the country for his debut album. HOT!   And then later, when Brotherly Love was first on, the brothers did a tour and came through St. Louis so I once again stood in line to get their autographs. And here’s the most embarrassing thing, when Joey asked me my name for the headshot autograph, I couldn’t remember it. Totally forgot my name. Idiot!

Okay, so I’ve completely embarrassed myself and bared my soul so now it’s your turn…first celebrity crush and have you met them in person?  Any funny stories?  Dish and let’s revel in our childish fantasies shall we?  In a few weeks, I’ll tell you about my current celebrity crush…because the embarrassment never stops.
PS – I totally loved looking at all the YouTube clips linked and shared here, and I found one of Joey’s albums in Amazon Prime (which I usually listen to while working)…score!
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