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Lunar Planning: Using The Moon To Help Me Achieve My Goals

Awhile back I came out of the broom closet about my new found witch title. I’ve had a few friends and family look at me with wide eyes and wonderment, but the thing is – I am still me, just with a slightly different spiritual journey. One where I am connected to nature, Mother Earth, and the Moon.

I love the moon and have been fascinated with her since I was a small child. Now I use the phases of the moon to help me achieve my goals. I use her cycle to help plan my month and my weeks. How? Let’s start at the beginning of the cycle – although, it’s a circle so there’s technically no BEGINNING, but since today is the New Moon I thought it would be a good place to start.  

New Moon

When the sky is dark and the moon isn’t visible.  It’s the perfect time to set new intentions. It’s when I journal, use my tarot cards and sit with what I want to accomplish for that cycle.  I usually set 1-3 intentions using present tense language. For example, I want to create a fun, easy, Instagram strategy where I can connect with others and enjoy my social media time.  

I personally make this a small ritual for myself.  I have a tall white candle that I light while laying out my tarot cards and journaling about what I want to achieve that month.  Then I write my intentions down on an index card and place them into my Universe box – which is just a cute gift box that has some pretty tissue paper and my offering – for me, it’s one of my birth year quarters.     

First Quarter 

About a week later, I look over my intentions and set one action for each one that I want to work on that week.  Again, using our Instagram example – I might write down in my planner: Set aside one hour this week to make fun, colorful images for the upcoming posts.  That’s it, just one action 

Full Moon

Letting go, releasing what no longer serves me and setting another action for the week.  Again, I do a small personal ritual with journaling prompts, my white moon candle, and tarot cards.  I will write down what I’m releasing on tissue paper and flush it away (as burning stuff in our apartment isn’t always safe).  So, again, using my example I might write: I am releasing self-doubt and worry. Down the toilet it goes!

Last Quarter

About a week after the full moon, I one last time look over the intentions and choose a final action for the week.  At the end of this week is usually the dark moon where I will review my month before starting over. Now, this can be debated (is it different or the same as the new moon) but for me, I like to take a small moment for the dark moon, ending one cycle before beginning a new one.  

And that brings us back to the New Moon again.  I usually have some ideas of what I want to work on, but I use the tarot cards and my journal to guide me and I set 1-3 new intentions (or I’ll revamp an old intention for the new cycle – depending on the goal and what I want to work on).

For me, this works – it gives me time to pause, connect back to my goals and my desires and what I want out of life.  It gives me a chance to slow down, take time for myself and connect with others either online or in my New Moon Circle that I go to here in Queens. Going forward I hope to continue this practice, deepening it even more, connecting with the moon’s powers to transform me in ways I can’t even imagine right now.

Do you use the moon as a guide? Do you have any questions about the process? Would you like to see sample questions or even a tarot spread? Let me know by commenting below and then, come over and join me on Instagram to see me in real-time share my process via Stories for the next month (maybe longer if people seem interested).

I hope you have a magical day – now go and set some New Moon intentions of your own!