OrangeTheory’s Transformation Challenge & What I’ve Learned About Myself

We are half-way through OrangeTheory’s Transformation Challenge and I have learned a few things about myself and just in general that I would like to share.

💪 I love the community aspect of OTF and the challenge BUT I’m not much of a joiner when it comes to the themed weeks. Sorry, but I only have regular workout clothes, not costume pieces. I do like the ones where we have to take pictures with other people and wear our colors.

💪 Going three times a week is still all I can manage right now. In fact, I did two classes in a  row (Tuesday and then Wednesday, both at 12noon) and I thought I was legit not going to make it to Friday.

💪 OrangeTheory is not only great for my physical health, but it’s also doing wonders for my mental health. I could be having the worst day ever but I come out of class with a smile on my face. 

💪 Even though I am slow and lift using lighter weights, I have amazing form and I am getting stronger and faster. I did some chest presses with 15-pound weights and I’m power walking at 3.3 mph consistently. For me, this is HUGE!

💪 InBody Scans definitely give you more information than a regular bathroom scale — I gained a pound during our midpoint weigh-in but according to the other numbers it was all muscle so score.

💪 I am a fitness person! I miss OTF when I’m gone for too long, I’m thinking of signing up for the DriTri (which sounds slightly terrifying), and I have a 5-year goal of participating in a RunDisney race — who am I?!?! I never thought I would be this person…EVER. 

If you are an OrangeTheory junkie, like me, how’s the transformation challenge been for you?  If you do some other type of exercise – can you see similarities between what I’ve learned and how it’s been for you as a fitness person? 

Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear your stories of getting stronger and faster and having more mental health!