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Success Does NOT Happen Overnight

I love autumn..sweater weather, pumpkin spice coffee drinks, new TV shows to start watching, and the changing colors of the trees.

Staring out our bedroom window, I have a great view of this one giant tree as it changes from green to various hues of fall.  I noticed something yesterday though for the first time – it changes from the top down.  And this made my little brain start turning its wheel.

We are like this tree.

To change anything in our lives, we have to start with our minds – you know, that thing at the top – our brains.  All positive change, change that you want to make happen, has to start there first.  It just has to, or it won’t work.

For example, when I was starting out on this author journey and had my first book done and needed to start thinking about editing and decisions about publishing, I had to declare myself a writer.  I had to start thinking about myself as if (remember, from last week) I was a professional author.

I touched on this briefly last week with Acting As If and the questions, but it involved work.  It involved asking myself questions, writing down answers, and changing my mindset.  I had to change from the top down.  I had to think of myself a certain way, act that way, and show myself that I was that way.

Changing your mindset doesn’t happen overnight, in fact, there will be hiccups and setbacks and feeling like a failure and starting all over again (but luckily not at square one).  Like the trees, change is slow at first and then bursts into color almost all at once.  That’s why people think change happens overnight – they don’t see the process.

Like that tree, the only reason I noticed the change is because we live on the 4th floor and therefore I look down on the tree – but when I walk underneath that tree, I don’t see the beautiful colors yet.  If I was just walking by in, say, two weeks and notice how pretty that tree is I would think that happened very quickly, but nope – it takes time.

So…what are you working on right now? Are you changing your mindset about anything? Are you feeling frustrated because it’s taking FOREVER? Give yourself a little grace and a lotta love and some more time.

Seriously, you’ve got this – and let people think it happened overnight!