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What is an Intuitive Tarot Reader?

When I was starting my Tarot journey, the thought of learning meanings and descriptions for 78 cards seemed super daunting. In fact, I was overwhelmed to the point that I stalled my study for a few months before I gained traction.

The thing that helped during that time was learning some basics.  These included knowing the differences between the Major and Minor arcana, numerology, what each suit means, and the main points are for each court card.  These helped me quickly make assessments when I pulled cards, but I still felt like I was missing something.  It felt very textbook to me, very standard, nothing about it felt personal.  

I was missing my own spark!

What was missing was using my own intuition including how I feel about the card, what I’m picking up about the person I’m reading for and the situation I’m reading about.  Adding this into my repertoire helps me pick up almost any deck and read with it because I’m not worried about key phrases or definitions, I’m letting my brain tell me what I need to know.

What does Intuition mean to me?

Intuition means trusting myself that I will have an answer when I need it.  This did not happen overnight, it happened over months and years of honing this trust by practicing.  How did I do this?  By not using the little white book that came with my deck.  In fact, I forced myself to do personal readings without any book or cheatsheet’s help.  I would just read based on my own brain and what I thought was important from each card. 

If the thought of doing this stresses you out, promise yourself that you’ll do the reading without the book first by writing down your own thoughts that come up from your intuition and then going to the book.  Once you start realizing that you can do it without the book’s help, you will need the book less and less.

How does this work when reading for others?

For starters, I use the energy I get from either their body language if I’m doing a live or Zoom reading or what words they use if I’m doing a written reading. I can’t really explain this process, but I can feel things from the other person which helps me decide what information to bring forth in readings.  It also helps if I know what kind of reading we’re doing – I get different energies around writers looking for creative help than I do for friends who are needing help with a romantic relationship.

How does this work if I’m using the cards as a writer?

I actually drop the traditional meanings all together and just use the details in the cards.  I look at colors, backgrounds, foregrounds, tiny details, and anything about the people or animals in the card that might ping creative ideas for my characters, plot points, and anything else I need for my writing. 

Dropping the key phrases helps me find that freedom to trust myself fully, moving swiftly from idea to idea, knowing that whatever comes up is exactly what I need in that moment. It’s either the perfect answer or something that will help me create the perfect answer.  It’s all about making connections and brainstorming until I feel that certain something that tells me I’m on the right track.

When you hear the phrase Intuitive Tarot Reader what do you think? I’d love to know below. 

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