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Coming Out of The Broom Closet

I’ve always been fascinated by the moon.  When I was little, I thought about being an astronaut for a brief moment – until I watched the Challenger blow up on TV while sitting in the elementary school auditorium next to a hundred other scared children.  But I still loved looking up at the moon, wondering what was up there, watching her from my window sill. In college, I took a Greek Mythology course and fell…


My Reader’s Group is officially OPEN!!

Announcement time!!! My Reader’s Group is officially open and when you join you’ll get my short story anthology, The Hit Parade, for FREE….yup, three short Young Adult coming of age stories totally free!!  These stories all feature characters from the YA novels that I am currently writing or will be writing in the near future – so click here to join and start reading! Send in the Clowns tells the tragic yet romantic story of…

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