5 Tips for Choosing a Tarot Deck to Use for Creative Writing

Choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal decision because you need to feel connected to the imagery used, the colors and overall feel of the deck, but I do have some tips for helping you choose a good deck to use for your writing or other creative projects.


I like a deck with people. Now, if you write children’s books and deal with animal characters then by all means look for a fun deck with animals. OR if you connect with animals and use those types of characteristics in writing your novels then, again, look for a deck that includes animals.  I like people, preferably diverse people featuring both genders.  And I like those people to be doing things in my Tarot decks, either engaging with each other or their environments.  


Personally this is the biggest factor for me – there has to be interesting things going on in the background of the images.  Mountain ranges, cities, rivers, the sun or the moon, animal friends, other people, ships, different light sources, volcanoes, different places, different seasons, etc.  Elements in the background are huge for me when developing characters, plots, and helping with various other issues that I turn to my cards for.


This is an odd concept, but go with me.  So the backgrounds are the elements behind the people. Then you have the people. Foregrounds are things happening either in front of the people or next to the people.  

For example, look at this version of the Five of Wands from the Gilded Tarot Royale deck. 

In the background you have a sunrise or sunset and possibly a storm brewing.  The people are all fighting each other with magical wands.  In the foreground you have this gnarled branch that has fallen with thorns and flowers growing on it.  And even more in front is some tall grasses that are sticking up in the air.   

Side note – this is one of my favorite decks because it has so much going on.


I need bright, bold, beautiful, rich colors.  In life and in Tarot.  Again, look at that example card image above.  There are yellows, greens, pinks, purples, and even some red.  So many colors!!  I use color to help me get a feel for the scene, more info about a character and even help me describe certain things within my writing.  Let’s say you need to talk about a sunset, I could pull a card or flip through my deck until I get to the card above and now I have some beautiful imagery to draw from.

Ease of Use

Can you read Roman numerals? Or would you rather not?  Do the wands and swords look different enough in the deck or will you always be wondering which is which? Before you buy a deck, see if you can look at some of the cards online to make sure you like the deck.  It’s even better if you fall in love and can’t wait to use your deck, but I’ll take like for now.  If you’d rather not spend money on a physical deck until you do feel the love, then download a few apps onto your phone and use those first.  Bonus, they are cheaper and then you’ll always have a deck with you!

Are you ready to grab a deck?

Here are a few that I recommend you look at – all of them have beautiful imagery, people, fun colors, and I think they are easy to use – but you should check them out and make sure you agree!

Rider Waite Smith

Modern Witch Tarot

Gilded Tarot Royale

The Light Seers Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot

Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

What deck is calling to you?  Let me know below!

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