Embrace Your Joy!

In my last article, I talked about the phrase “life’s purpose” and how I think it can sometime’s hold you back from doing the things that you love and care about.

This week I want to talk about embracing the things you enjoy. In the same vein as last week, I really dislike the way basic is used around things like Pumpkin Spice Lattes or watching Grey’s Anatomy. It feels like when we don’t like something that someone else does, we have to mock or belittle that.


I feel like we should embrace the things we love no matter what – as long as they aren’t causing harm to someone else, of course.  I adore PSLs and I will be getting one (or possibly that new drink with the Pumpkin Spice foam) next week for my birthday! I love watching The Good Place and reruns of Friends and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I am obsessed with all things Disney! 

In fact, my husband and I were on our honeymoon around this time 13 years ago in Walt Disney World and people tended to mock us for that – saying it wasn’t a place for childless adults.  We did not care! Disney has been my happy place since I was a small child and that has not wavered. 

And that’s OK.  

So, what’s one thing that you love or obsess over that people tend to give you grief about or mock you about.  Is it a guilty pleasure TV show or a seasonal drink? Is it reading in bed all hours of the night or the gym you go to?

Comment below and let me know what’s one thing that brings you joy that you’re going to embrace today!

Have a great day,

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