Have You Found Your Life’s Purpose?

Have you found your life’s purpose yet? Do you cringe when someone asks you this question? 

I still hate this question and I feel like I’m way closer to finding the answer than I was even 2-3 years ago…but who knows?

My passions and dreams have changed so drastically in the 20 (what?!?!) years since I’ve graduated college that I can’t say for 100% certainty that THIS IS IT!

I moved to NYC in 2001 to pursue my love of Broadway and dreamed of belting out the 11 o’clock number to adoring fans. 

Now, 18 years later, I dream of seeing that orange Bestseller tag on my book’s Amazon page – and having adoring fans.

10 years from now? Maybe it will be to run a marathon a month — seriously, who knows?  I do know that I’ll want adoring fans no matter what I’m doing so get those giant Run, Jennifer, Run signs ready (just kidding – I don’t run!)

So tell me, what was one passion or dream you had when you were a kid or teenager and what’s one that you have now?  How different are they?  How different are you now? How similar are they? How are YOU the same?

Comment below and let me know and then take time today to celebrate YOU! Your dreams, your passions, your growth!


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