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Month: April 2018

The Art of Lying is NOW Available!!!!

Someone pinch me because I’m not quite sure this is really happening right now – my book, this labor of love, is available for people to actually buy on Amazon, right now!  What?!?!   I checked my notes and I’ve been working on this baby since 2011, that was the same year my son was born and he’s SIX!  What??!?! Life has a funny habit of getting in the way, but I always came back…

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Rachel’s Painting Playlist

When I write, I need music so I assume that my Main Character, Rachel – in The Art of Lying (available starting April 17th on Amazon) also needs music to create.  She’s a painter and getting ready for her own solo art gallery show and is working on her final painting.    She loves pop music, alternative, music her parents listened to the house and car (they’re from New Jersey – so think Bruce and…

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Visualization Inspiration for The Art of Lying

Guess what?  My debut novel is almost ready to launch! That’s right, The Art of Lying will be available for purchase on Amazon (eBook and Paperback) on Tuesday, April 17th — whoohoo!!!! To get you lovely readers in the mood, I thought I would share some of the visualization inspiration that I used when writing my characters.  I have a whole Pinterest board about my book with everything from art pieces that remind me of my…

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