Rachel’s Painting Playlist

When I write, I need music so I assume that my Main Character, Rachel – in The Art of Lying (available starting April 17th on Amazon) also needs music to create.  She’s a painter and getting ready for her own solo art gallery show and is working on her final painting.    She loves pop music, alternative, music her parents listened to the house and car (they’re from New Jersey – so think Bruce and Bon Jovi!), and crazy random girls rock type songs (Cyndi and Beyonce!).  Below is the link to my Amazon playlist that I first used to write and edit my novel, but I’ve since also added some songs that I thought Rachel would listen while painting – some Belle and Sebastian, Paramore, and Arcade Fire.

Amazon Music Playlist

Do you need music to create? Or do you like silence, letting the muse speak to you?  What do you think? Does this random playlist get you ready to read my book?  Are you getting a better idea of who Rachel might be?  Come back next week and find out!