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Technical Difficulties

You might notice that things look a little different around here.  I’m hoping they look better, but I guess that’s subjective isn’t it?

Yesterday, I received an email from my web host that they updated some things on their end – this caused my old blogging platform and my web host to stop speaking to each other (family drama!).  After a little ranting and raving and crying and cursing the Universe I decided that this was actually a good thing.    See, I just created a fancy Facebook Author page, which just went live on Thursday, and then my blog blows up – I felt like the Universe was laughing at me.  Then I decided that the Universe was actually saying, “if you’re going to go BIG then go BIG – do it right!”

So, I downloaded WordPress, installed a fancy theme, and moved my old blog posts over.  I think it looks keen, but again your mileage might vary.  It’s my blog though, so I’ll do what I want. HA  Just kidding – but I do like the simple clean lines of this theme, the fact I can add pages easier than my old platform, and I’ll be able to incorporate my MailChimp newsletter sign-in form so much easier – which, is coming soon (like early 2018 soon).

And that’s the story of my weekend blog meltdown.  I still need to go through and check all the old links, pictures, GIFs, etc and make sure everything on here is linking correctly.  Then I need to go through said fancy Facebook Author Page and re-link the few blog posts I put over there, and then make sure Instagram and Tumblr are okay.  Oh…and Pinterest is probably going to need an overhaul as well.  I tried re-directing things, but it didn’t seem to work like I was hoping so I still have some work to do.   Please be kind, if a link doesn’t work – drop me an email (see that fancy envelope icon in the top left – you can use that to email me now) and let me know.  I’ll continue working and updating and re-linking, but since this week is also Thanksgiving and I’ll be out of town, well – it might not be perfect right away.

So, what do you think of the new digs? Is it as easy to read? Check out the new FB author page too and if you have any friends or family members who love YA novels (especially coming of age stories) and want to check out a new author on the cusp of self-publishing, send them my way!  Thanks, everyone!!!


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Muddled Moments: As If

Grab a Clearly Canadian, put on a velvet babydoll dress, throw on a lace choker and some Doc Martens, watch an episode of Friends or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and sit back because – the 90s are back, baby! Want to know how I know? Bath and Bodyworks just brought back their old original scents – Cucumber Melon, Sun Ripened Raspberry, Country Apple, and my favorite…..PEARBERRY! I grabbed a shower gel, lotion, and body spray last week and was immediately transported back to my old college days.

And once I started using the stuff, I swear the 90s were everywhere. That new Full House show is back on Netflix (although without baby Michelle, what’s the point?). All of our favorite little teen pop icons are still around – Leo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake. And that’s just the guys! I mean, a Clinton ran for president…how 90s can you get?!?! The Simpsons are still on the air….still, not reruns (although you can find those too) but original shows are STILL AIRING ON FOX.

Thank goodness some things have changed – I can get internet access now whenever I want without that weird whoooshhh noise that took 9000 hours to connect. We have less frosted tips on men now (right?). I can watch TV without commercials and Beyonce’s solo career has gone pretty well, from what I’ve heard. Kidding! But buying that old favorite did make me think about my younger, slightly less carefree days – the 90s were all about High School and College for me, making friends, dating, broken hearts, parties, dancing (to those sweet 90s tunes) and not having to worry too much about jobs or money or what school should I send my kid to and what’s up with homework for a kindergartner?!?! But, I digress.

So, go watch 10 Things I Hate About You on Netflix, no seriously – if you’ve never seen that movie, stop reading and go watch right now. Dig out those 311, Alanis Morrisette, or Radiohead CDs and thrash around like you’re in a club, I won’t judge – heck, I’ll come over! What’s your favorite oh so 90s thing? Which scent did you rock back in the day? And if you’re way too young to get these references, then hold tight – one day, you’ll write a blog post (or whatever replaces blogs and YouTube in the future) waxing nostalgic about the 2010s talking about Beyonce and Lemonade, the crazy presidential race of 2016, fidget spinners, and who knows what else. Because every 10 years or so has it’s own persona…and you get to be a part of that!

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Muddled Moments: Not Cooking with Gas

Today, I’m starting another new series I’m starting on the blog called Muddled Moments – little slices of my life (that’s not necessarily related to writing) – today is about the lack of gas coming into our apartment building.
What happened?
So….a few weeks ago, right around the time of Career Day actually, there was some issue with the gas heading into our apartment building.  From what I’ve heard, the gas company was checking something or doing some work and they overloaded our pipes and a small pop-like explosion happened.  This didn’t cause any permanent damage, but the gas needed to be turned off immediately. So far, it hasn’t been turned back on to the apartments (it has been turned on to the water heater though so we can shower and do dishes).  Our management company felt bad since it wasn’t their fault, so they gave us a 2-burner hot plate. 
How will we cook?
We cook with a microwave, the hot plate, an electric kettle that my Mom gave us, our crockpot, and a toaster oven.  It’s been like cooking in a college dorm. Also, I’m not much of a chef, but I swear the last two weeks all I have wanted to do was bake.  Seriously, I keep dreaming about banana nut bread, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and all sorts of tasty treats that I can make, except that I can’t.   It’s been…tricky, but we have actually been managing fairly well.  We found some new crockpot recipes to try, some old favorites to pull up on Pinterest, and some new ways of cooking veggies and steaks. 
It affected the laundry room too?
Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: I started laundry one day, threw my two loads into the dryers and headed back upstairs.  I went down 30 minutes later and my clothes were still wet and cold.  Thinking that the dryer was just having an issue, I ran it for another 30 minutes….again, wet and really cold.  I finally called our super and found out that the dryers should not have been plugged in, as they were affected by the no gas.  Great!  I wound up at the apartment building across the street finishing up my clothes.  Fun day…NOT.  Lately, we’ve been using the laundromat pick-up and delivery service down the street.  It’s nice having the clothes come back home all clean, dry, and folded. 

This no gas thing has been interesting, to say the least, and has caused my husband and me to get really creative on meal planning. Do you have any favorite crock pot recipes?  Have you ever had to get creative with cooking due to an unplanned issue?  Isn’t apartment living the best?  
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