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Binge Worthy – Drama Edition


You know I love my Television – I’m a TV girl from way back (in fact, next time I think I’ll talk about my favorite childhood shows)!  I’ve covered my favorites overall and sitcoms…next is the dramas!  I really didn’t think I watched too many of these as sitcoms are my jam, but as I listed them out earlier this week (I outline my posts a few days in advance) I realize there are quite a few, due mostly to Netflix.   Here’s the list….and again, like always, gifs included – but since these are dramas, they are way more serious than usual – HA!

Stranger Things

Of course, I’m going to start with that wonderfully nostalgic show that all of my friends are talking about – Stranger Things.  The upside down, the music (both good and bad), the characters – I mean those kids are genius actors, and the scary factor all makes for some fine good TV watching.  We loved both seasons and really enjoyed Behind Stranger Things as well – if you watched the show, check it out on Netflix for some fun cast interviews and behind the scenes stuff.

Jessica Jones

I know I mentioned Marvel shows in my first Binge Worthy post a few months back…but it’s because most of them are sooooo good (minus Iron Fist – whoohoo baby did that show blow) so I’m going to list them in my personal preference starting with Jessica Jones.  I adore this show, she’s my favorite of The Defenders and I can’t wait for Season 2.  It’s got humor (although very dry), ass-kicking, day drinking, and an amazing cast of crazy characters – what more could you ask for?


My second favorite of the team.  Season 2 wasn’t as good as Season 1 was for me  – only because I felt The Punisher character was a bit shoe-horned in to get ready for his own series – but I like the ninja/fighting stuff, the blind superhero with enhanced other features – the actor playing Daredevil is very good, and I kinda dig his bromance with Froggy in the first season.

Luke Cage

This is where I shall end my Marvel talking because Iron Fist sucked so bad and although we watched The Defenders, I kinda like the original series of each character better than the mishmash – but I will most likely watch Season 2 of Defenders all the same.  Sweet Christmas….this was a complicated set of people. I liked that this series was set in a different part of New York City – a part we don’t always see on TV – Harlem…and the music was wonderful. I like Luke Cage as a character because he truly wants to help people, but he also just wants to live his quiet life.  It’s very real…if I developed superhero powers overnight I could imagine feeling similarly.

The Crown

I simply adore the British Royal Family – always have.  My Mom even let me stay up (or stay home from school?) to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana many moons ago and I was in college when she died and I remembering feeling so sad – like I knew these people personally or something.  I also used to know who was next in the line up to the 10th person or something crazy but I don’t anymore, so when The Crown came out on Netflix I was all over that like crumpets and scones at High Tea.   If you like the Queen and want to know more about her and the royal family, check it out!


I know I talked about these boys before but it is one of our favorites…although some seasons have been better than others – and there are a LOT of seasons (I think they’re on 14 or something now?).  These two brothers have literally been to heaven and hell and back and everywhere in between.  There are ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels – it’s pretty amazing how many things they discuss.  There was even a musical version!  LOVE

Black Mirror

This show both scares the crap out of me and excites me overtime I watch an episode.  It’s all about technology and how it’s taken over various aspects of our lives – usually to the detriment of society as a whole.  It’s very well done, disturbing on so many levels, and one you can NOT binge watch.  Seriously – don’t even try it.  Watch one here or there and then sit back and let it wash over you, think about it, obsess over it, then when you finally have your brain back – watch another episode and be freaked out all over again.

And this where I think I will end…we watched a few others, but these were my favorites of the current TV season, as it were.  What dramas are you watching?  What do you think I should check out based on the list above?  Anything I’m missing?  Anything I should watch right away?  Let me know below!

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Binge Worthy – Sitcoms Edition

Last time I wrote about televisionI talked about a hodge podge of various TV shows, mostly new and original series on Hulu or Netflix.  Today I want to concentrate on Sitcoms – seriously, I think sitcoms were my first love.  I grew up watching Punky Brewster, Facts of Life, and Growing Pains.  I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD and still watch them on Netflix!  I love that life’s problems can be solved in 30 minutes (or less) and that the situations (the sit part of sitcom) are over the top and crazy one second and totally relatable the next.  So…here’s the current* sitcoms I’m watching now (again with GIFs because they’re fun!).
*Current in this situation really does mean currently on the air right now – later I want to talk about old favorites that have found new homes online.
Brooklyn 99
Let’s start off with a seriously fun show with a lot of heart.  Brooklyn 99 has one of the most diverse casts I’ve seen on TV in a long time (in a sitcom, that is – although the next show I’m going to talk about does a really good job of this too).  It’s about a police station in Brooklyn, where over the years the cops have become family.  This show took awhile for me to get into – but about half way through the first season I just fell in love.   It helps that I actually do adore Andy Samberg (come on, Dick in a Box….comedy gold!) but the other actors are all phenomenal!    Also, bonus – my celebrity crush, Nathan Fillion, appeared in an episode.  BONUS!!!
The Good Place
This show is very odd, but sooooo good.  Our hero, played by Kirsten Bell, has died and has gone to the Good Place with Ted Danson as a wise old angel (?) who has designed this neighborhood full of wacky other dead people.  In this good place, people have soul mates and our hero’s soul mate is an ethics professor so when she tells him she actually doesn’t belong there, hilarity ensues!  Again, an amazing diverse cast with so many layers, that I don’t think I could unpack them all here for you.  Also – the gif is funny because in the good place you can’t curse, so the F-word comes out Fork…as in What the Fork?  Which is fun to say around my 6 year old.
Modern Family
This is an oldie but goodie.  We’ve watched this family grow up, leave home for college, return home from college (poor Haley) and even have new babies (cute little Joe).  It’s totally silly….and some weeks are sillier than others, but I still enjoy watching it every week.  The two from the gif are my favorites – Cam and Gloria – they are hilarious!  This show has two bonuses – one, a woman I went to college with plays Cam’s sister from MO, Pameron (What’s up Dana!?!) and my man, Nathan was also on this show as a weatherman named Rainer Shine – that’s funny right there.  DOUBLE BONUS!!! 
Ah, an old favorite is back.  I did not love the very first episode, it seemed too political, but I get it – that’s the world we live in today and some of the stuff needed to be said.  I did enjoy how they just kind of shoved the original series’ ending right under the rug so this series made sense.  Jack is still my favorite on this show followed super close by Karen – if the show were called Jack&Karen I would still watch, in fact I might watch it more.  The show and the actors haven’t missed much in the 10 or so years its been off the air – they picked right back up.  I felt like they were so in it that they had been living those lives off camera all along.  Two thumbs up for whoever decided to bring the show back. 
The Big Bang Theory
Another oldie, but goodie – this show has been around a long time and some people have issues with the sexiest nature of the guys…but I feel like the characters have grown and learned so much over the years – that they learned how to be better men, how to be good boyfriends and husbands in spite of being totally clueless jerks in the first few seasons.  And I don’t think they were being malicious about their issues – they were nerds, nerds who didn’t have game back in high school, who had never really dated much, couldn’t even talk to women.  And the inclusion of the women on the show has made it even better in my opinion.  You have three very strong, smart (in their own ways) women with careers and goals and ideas of their own.  Also, this show gets a bonus, because – you guessed it – Nathan Fillion played himself on an episode where the guys were debating whether or not to ask him for a picture.  Nerds, super cute!  BONUS!!!!
Bonus Nathan Gif – thank me later!
So…what sitcoms are you watching? Am I missing any good ones?  I wasn’t sure if I should include South Park on this list (being a cartoon and all) but we do watch that every week as well.  Besides the old favorites post I want to write I’m also planning a Binge Worth – Drama edition where I will talk Stranger Things!!!  
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Newsies vs. Newsies

One of my favorite movie musicals is the 1992 Newsies with Christian Bale, Max Casella (Vinnie from Doogie Howser, MD), David Moscow, Bill Pullman, Ann-Margaret (!!!), and Robert Duvall.  I must have seen that thing at least 3 times in the movie theatre. I won a copy of the soundtrack on tape by entering a trivia contest. I knew all the words to all the songs and even some of the dance moves.  Is it a perfect movie?  No, it’s silly and melodramatic and although Christian is dreamy his singing and dancing are less than stellar, but he tried.  So when I heard they were making a Broadway version a few years back that didn’t surprise me at all.  It’s flashy with cute dancers, catchy songs, and girls my age LOVED it so it had a built-in audience.

Now, even though I live right here in NY I never made it to the actual show on Broadway, so when I saw that it was now available to watch on Netflix I was pretty excited…until I watched it.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I didn’t hate it, it just wasn’t the 1992 movie.  I felt like they had changed too much – some made sense and some had me yelling at my TV, wondering what Harvey Fierstein (who wrote the book for the Broadway show) was thinking.

Let me preface all of this by saying two things.  If you’ve never seen Newsies (the original movie) – you’re missing out.  Cute boys, singing and dancing in period costumes, little guys going after big guys, union talk, love and family – it’s got everything!  2nd thing – if you loved Newsies and Broadway, watch the show on Netflix.  It’s not terrible – the original songs are great, the leads are all really talented and can sing and dance (circles around most of the big name actors in the movie) and overall it’s fun and was filmed live during an actual performance so you get the awesomeness of Broadway and live theatre while sitting in your PJs on the couch.  Also…there are major spoilers in this post so if you do plan on watching the Broadway production and don’t want to know anything beforehand – stop reading, turn on Netflix, enjoy a good show, then come back.  

Okay, with all of that out of the way…here’s my Newsies vs. Newsies account.  Right off the bat, with the Broadway production – they start off with Jack Kelly, our hero, singing about Santa Fe, which I thought made absolutely NO SENSE unless you’ve seen the original movie because the show takes place in NYC – entirely in NYC.  Why do we open a show about NY newsboys singing about a whole other city that’s not in the show?  Yes, the song Santa Fe is in the original movie, but the placement here – of moving a song that’s what 2nd or 3rd on the soundtrack, to the number 1 slot made no sense.  That made me shake my head for at least the first 20 minutes of the production.  

The one change that they made, that I at least understand, was they made the love interest and the news reporter the same person in this show.  In the original movie, Jack falls in love with his new best friend’s sister while having dinner at his house one night – there’s also an older reporter, played by Bill Pullman, that writes their story and gets the news about the newsboy strike out to other people.  If you count the parents, that’s four characters that would need to be cast and paid for – so, sure, turn the reporter into the woman – give her more to do (bonus!) and have her fall for Jack while they’re on the “job” basically – again, bonus, I love it!  It did make the song King of New York a bit awkward (as she’s a woman) but I could look past that honestly.

Now…here comes my big complaint and my biggest spoiler.  In the original movie, Jack and his friends sneak in and use an old printing press of Joseph Pulitzer’s to create their Newsboy union paper and get the word out about child labor.  It’s my absolute favorite song of the movie and I swear, I want to get up and dance and sing full out every time I hear it. So…maybe this is me just being protective – but in the Broadway production, instead of Jack knowing where the press is, the reporter woman knows the press is there because…hold the phone…she’s Pulitzer’s daughter.  What?!?!  Come on, is that even historically accurate?  And then…out of nowhere, all these other newspaper kids come in – William Randolph Hearst’s son is there and knows exactly what to do and he’ll fix everything.  I wasn’t a fan of this.  At all.  Like…I even went and looked up reviews to see if I was the only one annoyed by this and apparently I was because this little tidbit wasn’t mentioned in any review.   So…I digress there.  But seriously, the YouTube clip below is the original number – watch it, love it, be it! 🙂

It left an odd taste in my mouth for the rest of the movie, but…overall, I enjoyed the production.  I would watch it again – and probably will because the songs are catchy, the dance moves are fun, and the Broadway actors are top notch performers.  They made me root for them, laugh with them, cry with them (poor Crutchy!), and want to dance around my apartment singing for days.  They did their job!  I just wish they would have left out the weird…oh, by the way, I’m your enemy’s daughter and now it’s Romeo and Juliet thing.  No!

The other thing…and I just realized this yesterday after re-watching the 1992 movie, but Ann-Margaret’s songs are completely gone and replaced by a whole new one.  It’s a good song, and the Broadway performer is really great – but I’m wondering now if Ann-Margaret owned those original songs from the movie or if Harvey just decided they were too familiar with Ann-Margaret because of the movie and the Meadowlark on Broadway is very different.  Not sure…but both work, the character isn’t seen as much in the Broadway production and I had wished they would have left the big rally number in, but again, this is a change that made sense for time and energy – they would have needed a whole new set piece, a new song, more dancing and a fight sequence which would have cost time and money.

So it seems like I’m totally ripping on the Broadway production, and I swear I’m not – the original movie is so much a part of my teenage years and I hold a special place in my heart that it’s hard to see something new and different with the same general pieces.  I love the original movie, but I also liked the Broadway production.  Would I have enjoyed it more seeing it live, maybe – maybe not, I might have been more pissed off that I spent good money and was disappointed at the changes.  Or maybe I would have looked past the changes made because live theatre is so immersive and fun in and of itself.  We will never know.  I’m just thankful that people are filming live theatre and making it accessible to everyone.  That’s always a good thing in my book.

What’s your favorite movie musical?  Or favorite Broadway musical? What show are you hoping they film and make accessible to everyone?  My hope is Hamilton (of course) and Wicked – although I heard a movie is coming..anyone else hear that?  Do you love Newsies?  Did you see the Broadway production, either live or on Netflix, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments and remember to keep Carrying the Banner!

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Binge Worthy

There are so many choices when it comes to television watching these days. Since we don’t have cable, we use Netflix and Hulu for our TV binge sessions and they have some amazing original series.  Here’s what I’ve been watching, both new and old favorites – now with GIFs!

The Handmaid’s Tale

Amazing book, even better television – this story was begging to be told visually.  I know there was a movie (mid-90’s) which I never saw, but have heard mixed reviews.  If you’ve seen the movie, let me know what you think.  I’m enjoying this series so much, although enjoying is a hard word to use considering the subject matter.  The thing I think I like best about this Hulu original is the way they use music to help set the mood.  I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of the protest scene, but it uses Blondie’s Heart of Glass and it was chilling! 


Another new show on Hulu, this bawdy tale of rival whore houses in 1760’s London seems like an odd concept, but it has been written and produced by women and has almost an all-woman cast that uses the English language with such vigor, it’s almost like watching Shakespeare.  The costumes are beautiful, the scenery is luscious, and the storyline is binge-worthy times 10.

Jane The Virgin

I just started this one, an older show on Netflix, but already I can tell it’s going to be good.  A young very Catholic virgin accidentally inseminated (would that really happen?) has to deal with the consequences.  I love the Spanish novella feel to this show, and the main character, Jane, is spunky and although very different from me, she feels like someone I can empathize with and feel for and what more do you want from your title character?


This show snuck up on me, my parents were watching it while I was there over my son’s Spring Break and I just fell in love with the characters.  Bones, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Sweets (sad), Cam, and all of the interns.  My son even likes this show, so much that my Mom bought him his own Skeleton puzzle so he can pretend he works at the Bone Factory (what he calls the lab) – I’m either raising a future Forensic Anthropologist or a serial killer.  Yikes.  I’ve seen all but the last season because Hulu took the episodes off before I could watch them, so I’ll need to wait until Netflix has them to see how it all turns out.  I know there will be tears though. 


Ah, the good old Winchester boys! This show has been on the air for…what…14 seasons? But we started a while ago on Netflix so we (and by we, I mean me and my husband) are only on season 11 – Dean just came back from Purgatory, Sam wants to leave the family business, and there are ghouls, ghosts, and demons abound.  I love it so much – it also doesn’t hurt that the brothers are extremely good looking and funny. 

Marvel on Netflix

We just finished Iron Fist – which was boring, I’ll be honest, but I adored the first season of Daredevil (the 2nd season not so much), LOVED Jessica Jones, and really liked Luke Cage.  I also can’t wait for the Defenders series – I’m hoping I’ll like the Iron Fist guy better in an ensemble-type show because I really did not like his character on his own show – whiny, bitter, guilt-ridden – not my type of superhero.  I’m also really looking forward to Jessica Jones’ season 2, although it won’t have David Tennent as the Purple Man, I’m going to assume all of her villains will be fun to watch.  Thank you Netflix for your partnership with Marvel, may it be long and fruitful.

How I Met Your Mother

I just rewatched this entire series on Netflix and thought I’d mention it.  I still don’t like the overall concept that Ted is telling these stories to his teenage kids in the future, but I do like the back and forward storytelling, the use of themes and concepts that last throughout the whole series, and the characters are fun and relatable (for the most part).

Gilmore Girls

My girls.  When the 4 new episodes came out on Netflix, I binged on the original series twice.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the new shows (although I enjoyed parts – SPOILERS – like Luke and Lorelei’s wedding, and seeing everyone in Stars Hollow again – like Kurt!) but I really love the original show.  I didn’t watch this when it was on the first time, I started with DVDs and reruns and then when it appeared on Netflix I binged it way back then.  It has some very teary moments, some great laugh out loud moments, and I really love Lauren Graham (who is stunning in real life BTW).

Okay…so I apparently have a TV problem, but oh well!  So what have you been binge watching lately?  Tell me what’s good and what I should look out for when I’m done with Jane the Virgin, Harlots, and Handmaid’s Tale.  And, as you can tell, I watch a lot of different genres, styles, and subject matters so throw all your ideas at me!


Captain Tight Pants

So, I’ve somewhat left childish things behind me (except, you know Disney) but not crushes. Cute boys grow up to be handsome men – ruggedly handsome, that is. Growing up, I crushed on Joey Lawrence – had pictures of him on my binders and watched his shows, listened to his music – all the things you do when crushing on a celebrity.
Things haven’t changed that much. My current celebrity crush is Nathan Fillion.

Yes, I’m happily married….trust me, my hubby is aware of said crush…and encourages it…well, maybe not encourages it but he likes the man too and we watch Firefly and Castle together…so you know, he’s a keeper. 🙂

I watch the shows and movies (not all of them – I haven’t seen Slither) and listen to the music. What? He sings….check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog by the one and only Joss Whedon. I’ve watched him in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. I’ve watched him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (that one’s hard though – he plays such an evil bastard). I’ve watched Firefly and Serenity. I’ve watched Waitress. I’ve watched Monster’s University (he does a voice) and I’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy and tried to find him (he plays a big blue galoot in the jail who gets taken down by Groot). 
Oh….and I have him my Filofax.

Yup. I found that picture online and thought it was perfect. Printed it out and plopped it into my binder. I told you, things haven’t changed much. I also have a picture of David Tennant as Doctor Who telling me to write too.  He’s on the top 5 list too. You know, from Friends…the top 5 celebrities you’re allowed to have sex with.  Nathan Fillion, David Tennant, Matthew Perry, Joey Lawrence, and Paul Rudd. Unlike Ross, I don’t have my list printed and laminated though.

My childhood celebrity crush post was a bit embarrassing, so….here goes my huge secret….I follow Nathan on Instagram/Facebook and check his status every few days to see if he’s posted anything cool. I like things, but never comment…because if we ever actually meet in real life, I don’t want to be one of those people. HA  That’s pretty sad right?

Okay…fess up, who are you currently crushing on? Do you obsessively watch their shows and movies? Check fan sites? Write fan fiction? Give it to me….can’t be any more embarrassing than what I’ve shared.  
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I Could Have Been Jennifer Lawrence

I want this blog to a friendship of sorts between you, my sweet readers, and me, the crazy writer. One of the first questions I tend to ask a new friend is: Who was your first celebrity crush?  It’s an amazing conversation starter. So…I’ll tell you mine, but only if you promise to tell me yours in the comments, deal? Deal!
I was a child of the 80’s and a teenager of the 90s – the decades of bad hair and odd fashion choices – and my first celebrity crush was on Joey Lawrence. Whoa! 
It all started with Gimme a Break when he was only 8 years old and it grew stronger during Blossom when he released an album. Oh, yes, he was multitalented. Actor, Singer, Dancer…he had the whole package. (Wink wink). I had pictures of him on my bulletin board and all over my school binders. To be fair and honest, he shared those places with Scott Bakula, Jeremy Miller (from Growing Pains), and a very young Jason Bateman…but Joey was the first and longest crush. 
In fact, I was still watching him on my TV when Melisa and Joey was on ABC Family, but that got canceled not too long ago. I also still listen to his CDs and sing along loudly every time (I dare you to watch that clip above…it’s his biggest hit!). I remember dancing around my bedroom or dorm room (yup, still loved him when I went away to college) using a hair brush as a microphone. I’ve been there through long hair, no hair, fake (?) hair – who cares!   Have you seen how tight his jeans are?
Especially on Brotherly Love….and no, you don’t remember the show because it lasted all of two seasons I think and was preempted every week for football…or at least it seemed like it at the time. Anyways, this show was on for a hot second and had all three Lawrence brothers – Joey, Matthew, and little Andy (sooooo stinking cute!)  No one remembers this show except me and my Mom, who dutifully watched it with me every week. Thanks lady!
Oh…and I even met them. Well, Joey twice and the other two brothers once. These are embarrassing stories I’m about to share…so pull the chair up closer and get ready. I stood in line at the ripe age of 16 with my sister, actually – she dropped me off and went across the street to a computer store – to get Joey’s autograph when he was doing a Kmart tour across the country for his debut album. HOT!   And then later, when Brotherly Love was first on, the brothers did a tour and came through St. Louis so I once again stood in line to get their autographs. And here’s the most embarrassing thing, when Joey asked me my name for the headshot autograph, I couldn’t remember it. Totally forgot my name. Idiot!

Okay, so I’ve completely embarrassed myself and bared my soul so now it’s your turn…first celebrity crush and have you met them in person?  Any funny stories?  Dish and let’s revel in our childish fantasies shall we?  In a few weeks, I’ll tell you about my current celebrity crush…because the embarrassment never stops.
PS – I totally loved looking at all the YouTube clips linked and shared here, and I found one of Joey’s albums in Amazon Prime (which I usually listen to while working)…score!
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Believe or Not…I’m Walking on Air

Friends, Cheers, MASH, Golden Girls, Facts of Life, and Greatest American Hero (see title – and YouTube clip). What do these shows have in common? Memorable theme songs. Even though MASH didn’t use the lyrics (suicide is painless didn’t really fit the show) the song is hummable.

What happened to theme songs? Some new shows have them, like Community, New Girl, and Psych, but most of the times they’re short – very short. New Girl especially. Who’s that Girl? It’s Jess! That’s it most times, although there is a slightly longer version. Psych does this too – they have a short version and a longer version.

I’m partial to theme songs. I have…let me count…six CDs dedicated only to TV theme songs. And when I did my solo cabaret show six years ago my musical director, Steven Ray Watkins, my director, Lennie Watts, and I came up with an amazing TV theme song medley which started with the entire song from Facts of Life and ended with the entire song from Golden Girls. It was my favorite part of my show, and I loved everything about my show (thanks guys!), but every night when I got to the TV part I felt alive, I felt electric.

Want to know my favorite theme song? My absolute favorite? It will surprise you. Perfect Strangers. Yup, that silly show with Balki and Cousin Larry (see YouTube clip #2). I adore it and it’s message. It’s called Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now and it’s only 1 minute and 15 seconds long, but I love it. My favorite part: Standing tall on the wings of my dream. Rise and fall on the wings of my dream. The rain and thunder, the clouds and haze, I’m bound for better days.

It’s uplifting and I sing along at the tops of my lungs every time I play it. It makes me happy and gives me courage to keep trying. To stand tall on the wings of my dream.

So, the next time you’re feeling blah – throw on a TV theme song – see what happens. You might even want to throw your hat up in the air when you’re done.
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Other Side of the Coin

Okay, so last week I told you about five pop culture phenomenons that I didn’t get until it was too late (although, is it ever really too late to join a fandom?)….this week, it’s the opposite. Five things I just don’t understand – and, trust me, you’re going to be upset.

1. Mad Men. I’ve seen the first season and I just don’t understand why people keep watching this show. I never found a character to root for or even like and maybe that’s the appeal to some – to hate each character, but for me, I need at least one person who has some redeeming quality, even if they screw up from time to time. I did like watching it for the hairstyles and the clothes and the mod sets, but that’s not enough to keep me watching. And it wasn’t the anti-woman stuff, because, that I get – it’s historically accurate. Annoying, but accurate.

2. Harry Potter. Okay, this one is going to get me in trouble….and it’s not the writing, JK Rowling is a great author and I can understand it from that point, but (and this is strictly personal) he talks to snakes. Snakes?! I hate snakes, with a passion – I’m terrified of them. I can’t watch them on TV or in movies (see the fact that I have never sat through an Indiana Jones movie as proof of this) and reading about them icks me out too so although I read the first book and sat through the movie (although my husband had to tell me when the snake scene was over so I could come back into the room) I just can’t with the rest. So, for now, the rest of the series is out. I’m sure they’re great…and I’ll probably have everyone and their brother yelling at me, but I just can’t get over the snake thing. Sorry. (Hangs head in shame and walks away)

3. American Idol. Or any reality tv really. When I worked in an office, the other admins around me would always ask me what shows I watched. When I would rattle off things like How I Met Your Mother, South Park, Friends, Castle, Psych, White Collar, etc. they would look at me and then ask – No, what reality tv shows do you watch. When I told them none they were always shocked. Always. I like scripted television, with writers and actors. Yes, I know reality tv is far from real and they usually have writers, but it’s not the same. And as a singer, people always assumed I watched American Idol especially – why? I’ve been through auditions and call backs and rehearsals. I don’t need to watch it every week, especially with Simon (is that his name?) – the arrogance of that guy to assume he knows what’s what annoys me and I’ve only ever seen about 10 minutes of the show.

4. The Sopranos. Not much to say about this one really. I’m not big into the mobster shows or movies (I’ve never seen the Godfather movies or Good Fellows and actually, I get these two confused when my husband talks about them). And since I’ve never actually had HBO or Showtime, this wasn’t right at my finger tips, but even still – this is just one show I never had any desire to watch. Sorry gambinos.

5. Okay, honestly, I couldn’t come up with a fifth one so I asked my husband and he said Sports. I thought that was a bit broad and not really a pop culture phenomenon, but he begs to differ. He watches baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. Luckily, not all the time, but now that he has a smartphone he can check scores while in the bathroom (and I know he does) so he doesn’t feel the need to watch every game anymore. Thank you Apple. So…I don’t see sports as a culture phenomenon, but I guess in a way it is. I guess I could group the Olympics here too as I hate watching those…seriously, you take away my good comedies for this? Horse dancing, ice skating, and luge? What the heck is luge anyways? And don’t even get me started on curling. Ugh! Canada, come on! Pushing a metal tea kettle with a broom is NOT a sport.

There you go….do you hate me now? Can we no longer be friends? I’m sorry. I’m just being as honest as I can be about who I am and what I like and don’t like. I know people out there might be wondering about other things so let me know….what pop culture phenomenons would you like to know about? Doctor Who perhaps? Hunger Games? Cheesy 80’s Movies? (The answer to that last one is YES, I’ve seen them all)


Late to the Party

While my little man was trying to wake up this morning, and I thought about this here blog…my mind wandered to television and some of the new shows we’ve been watching in our house.  This led me here – five pop culture phenomenons that I started liking way too late.
1. Firefly.  I love Nathan Fillion, but I did not get this show when my sister first started talking about it – and she talked about it a lot.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that a marathon was on the Science channel that I finally got it.  I have now seen each episode at least three times and I now get it.  Stupid FOX, messing up a good thing.  Maybe if it had lasted more than a few episodes I would have caught on sooner.  
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Look, I have nothing against Joss Whedon, I swear…I just didn’t get the appeal of this show.  Now, this is a new one for me and I’m only on the sixth or seventh episode of the first season, but I get it now.  It’s funny, scary, twisted, dark, interesting, and clever.  I will get around to finishing this series, but it’s a bit much to watch around my toddler and my husband isn’t a fan….so it will take awhile, but I will finish it, I swear.
3. The West Wing.  It has Dulé Hill in it (Gus from Psych!) and apparently Matthew Perry shows up (right?) but I just was not into this show when it first aired.  I was a senior in college and not into politics, not that I’m really into politics now, but I can at least understand and appreciate more about what goes into the White House and the Presidency.   Also, I think I’m the only person who enjoyed Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – and I can see where his style is used in both shows.  What else has he done?
4. Game of Thrones.  Okay, this one is a bit different as I’m talking the books and not the HBO show.  We don’t have cable so I haven’t seen any episodes but everyone talks about it on Facebook and Twitter.  The thing is, I probably would have gone my merry way for years except the Revision class I’m doing strongly suggested we read the book as a character study lesson – and she’s right, the first book is rich with amazing character development.  I get to the end of the chapter and I’m like….wait, but what comes next?  I have already added the discs to my Netflix queue and will get around to that as soon as I’m done reading.  I have a feeling I’ll be reading the whole series too.  
5. Community.  Okay, back to television.  I knew this was becoming a cult classic and that the network threatened to cancel or something….right?  Anyways, we accidentally caught an episode this past season and I laughed my butt off, even though I knew nothing about the characters or what was really going on – that’s good TV!  So we loaded up Hulu Plus with the rest of the show and we’re almost caught up.  Troy and Abed (in the morning!) are my favorites, although Jeff is the best douche in the world.  

So….there you go, five pop culture phenomenons that I realized way too late were awesome.  I’m fixing that, though, slowly but surely.  Next week – check out part two, the opposite side of this coin – five things other people think are ah-may-zing that I just don’t get.  I’m sure to piss off some people too, so good times.